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WILMAs are generally considered wealthy and are well established in their career or business. Debt is often not a concern and disposable income can be comfortably contributed to various savings and investment strategies. While retirement may not be right around the corner, WILMAs prioritize saving for the future to ensure their way of life is preserved when their working career ends. How do we help WILMAs? By focusing on personal and business tax mitigation strategies, a custom investment approach, and efficient retirement planning.

How we help WILMAs: 

Investment Opportunities
WILMAs have a low debt-to-income ratio allowing for excess income to be saved or invested. However, varying risk-tolerances, life-style and legacy goals means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to investments. We work with WILMAs to create investment strategies around their specific risk tolerances and objectives. 

Retirement Planning
Preservation of lifestyle is a central focus for WILMAs and we build a plan with that in mind. Generally speaking, these clients aren't interested in selling assets or giving up vacations or time spent with friends and loved ones in retirement. We build a retirement plan that allows for adequate cash flow for lifestyle maintenance, all with limiting tax liability in mind. 

Wealth Management
Wealth management is more than investments and retirement accounts. This is a comprehensive look at financial well-being, incorporating tax-efficiencies, estate planning, and more. We work with WILMAs to incorporate unique opportunities, not accessible to average-earners, and evaluate other beneficial strategies such as Roth Conversions, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and XxXXXXX. 

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