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Tax Preparation

Whether your tax preparation needs are personal, for your business, for a non-profit, or for an estate or trust, we provide all of our clients with accurate, informative, and timely tax filings.  The objective of our service is not simply to meet the tax deadline; we’ll offer insight into your circumstances, allowing for smarter decision-making for your business and family.  Trust us to:

  • Ensure accuracy in your tax returns
  • Reduce the likelihood of an audit
  • Offer tax advice based on your individual circumstances

We take the time to educate you about taxes, allowing you to make informed financial decisions. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from entrusting Levesque & Associates with your tax preparation and financial planning.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

We help small to medium-sized organizations keep better records, empowering success.  When running a business you benefit most from up to the minute data, enabling smart decision making. Our accounting and bookkeeping services increase transparency around your financial health and growth potential.  Look to us to:

  • Guide and implement an efficient system of accounting
  • Perform accounting tasks such as ledger maintenance and data entry services
  • Deliver insightful financial analysis

Organizations of all sizes rely upon accurate bookkeeping and accounting practices to manage finances. We will make sure that you don't leave your business accounting to chance.


CFO and Advisory Services

Are you a business owner looking to change structure to reduce liability or grow your partner base? Are you an entrepreneur choosing between LLC and S-Corp? Maybe you’re selling an asset and considering a 1031 Exchange to reinvest your profits? Or maybe you’re a growing organization with the need for an experienced CFO without the commitment of a full-time salary? Perhaps you’re nearing retirement and seek an exit strategy that preserves your legacy? At Levesque & Associates we offer business advisory services aimed towards helping you make goal-focused decisions and understand the financial impact. Let us:

  • Provide meaningful guidance, advice, and analysis
  • Explore options to maintain, grow, or pass on your business
  • Bring transparency and cohesion to your financial circumstances


Whatever your needs, Levesque & Associates is here to help guide you towards your goals.

Begin your journey.