Introducing SmartVault

Don’t have time to drop off your tax documents at our office?  Do you have concerns about emailing personal information to us?  At Levesque & Associates, we are very excited to offer  SmartVault to our clients.   

SmartVault offers bank-level security with industry standard encryption of documents, giving you peace of mind when sending and receiving important and personal documentation.   You can upload your W2s, investment statements, property tax bills, mortgage interest information, and anything else needed for your tax return to the vault from any computer with internet access.  There are even apps for iPhone and iPad!  Once uploaded to the vault, Levesque & Associates can access your information and get to work!  Completed tax returns are added to SmartVault, allowing you to print or download them.  Copies of your return will remain in SmartVault should you ever need to access them again in the future.   

If you would like to take advantage of SmartVault, get in touch with us!  You will be sent an email invitation to access your personal client portal and setup your username and password.  From there you can begin adding your documents to your portal as you receive them.  It’s that easy!